Amana Capital $50 Welcome Bonus Offer

Amana Capital giving an instant welcome bonus to all new traders who choose Amana as their broker. If you’re a new client of Amana, you can start trading with a minimum of $100 and instantly receive a $50 bonus credited into your account.

Web Link – $50 Welcome Bonus Offer

  • WTB applies to new clients only. Existing clients opening additional accounts are not entitled to WTB.
  • Clients should hold an active account with The Company with a minimum initial deposit of $100.
  • The WTB will be limited to one account per client and cannot be transferred between trading accounts.
  • The WTB is only granted for trading purposes and cannot be withdrawn by Clients.
  • Clients are entitled to benefit only once from WTB.
  • WTB will be withdrawn from the account once the account becomes dormant.
  • The WTB Conditions are an integral part of The Company terms and conditions.

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