AmegaFx Break the Bank Contest #3

The final Break the Bank #3 week has already begun. Your chances of winning are the same as they were at the beginning of this contest. Don’t waste another minute and join the race for cash prizes right now.

Web Link – Break the Bank #3

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Amega company invites everyone to take part in a new risk-free contest with an unlimited prize fund.

Break our bank and maximize your funds.

  • 3,000 USD to the first ten participants with the highest result.
  • 50 USD to each participant completing a contest with profit.
  • 10 USD to each participant regardless of trading results.


Participation requests will be accepted from 05.05.2019 until the contest ends.

This contest is held from 19.05.2019 to 16.06.2019 inclusive.

The results will be announced and prizes will be awarded from the end of the contest to 23.06.2019.

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