AnzoCapital $50 Cashback Rebates Offer

Anzo Capital announced Receive $50 Rebates for the trading volume of just 5 lots. Thanks to the Cashback Rebates program, verified clients of Anzo Capital have an opportunity to receive additional profit on all account types. The higher the monthly trading volume on your account, the more Rebates you can receive.

Web Link – 50 USD Cash Rebates

  • This β€œ50 USD Cash Rebates” (β€œPromotion”) is only open to client with no previous trading and deposits/withdrawals, and has existing relationship with β€œAnzo Capital Limited” (β€œAnzo Cap”), restricted to their 1st MT4 account per customer regardless of account type.
  • Client will receive 50 USD credit upon a one-time deposit with a minimum of 500 USD for ECN Account or 200 USD for STP Account.
  • To claim the reward under credit, the Client must send an email containing Client’s MT4 account number and the corresponding Back Office ID to

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