Axiory Halloween Investment Course Webinars

2 Special webinars designed by Axiory to help you fight with the demons of the Forex Market. For beginners and experienced traders.

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1st webinar for beginners

October 24, 201917:00 CEST

2nd webinar for advanced traders

October 25, 201917:00 CEST

1. In the first webinar, you will

  • Discover what the Forex Market is
  • Find out who the Market Participants are
  • Get to know what you can invest in
  • Find out how the platform works and how to place first orders

2. In the second webinar, you will

  • Get basic knowledge about the most popular indicators
  • Find out what the Japanese Candles are
  • Get familiar with the most profitable trading patterns

These two lessons will allow you to start your journey. There is no reason to be afraid of Forex. Our educational courses can lead you through this journey!

Speaker Bio

Tomasz was born in Warsaw, Poland on 25th October, 1985.

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