Bityard $258 Crypto No Deposit Bonus

Bityard $258 Crypto No Deposit Bonus starts of 1 USDT for the new customers to trade cryptocurrency without any investment. The maximum bonus available for each eligible client is $258 when met all the basic requirements. Set username, phone no, and open aΒ  demo account to trade.

Bityard $258 Crypto No Deposit Bonus
Web Link – $258 Crypto No Deposit Bonus
Withdrawal – General terms
Validity Days – Limited Time

Bityard $258 Crypto No Deposit Bonus Terms

  • Beginner Rewards and Trading Bonus can be deducted 20% of trading margin when placing an order.
  • First deposit coupon can only be claimed once, depending on the amount of the first deposit. The requirement may be adjusted as market condition changes. First deposit BTCβ‰₯0.05 / ETHβ‰₯2 / EOSβ‰₯190 / XRPβ‰₯2500 /TRXβ‰₯26000 and receive $5οΌ› First deposit BTCβ‰₯0.5 / ETHβ‰₯20 / EOSβ‰₯1900 / XRPβ‰₯25000 /TRXβ‰₯260000 and receive $50οΌ›
  • The Bonus cannot be withdrawal or exchanged for other coins, and cannot deduct the withdrawal fees, etc.
  • If there is any fraudulent arbitrage, Bityard has the rights to cancel your bonus.

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