CFMerchants 50% Deposit Bonus

CFMerchants Deposit Bonus

CFMerchants 50% Deposit Credit Bonus program is available to all new direct and IB clients who open a live account at CF Merchants and deposit a minimum amount of $1000. The bonus amount will be added to the account as a credit and can be used as a trading margin for three calendar months from the time of deposit.

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CFMerchants 50% Deposit Bonus Terms & Conditions

  • This Bonus offer is only valid on ECN and Prime account types. This offer is not valid for pro accounts.
  • No staff members, and/or their relatives or any associated company of CF Merchants, may take part in this promotion.
  • Client can take withdraw of the credit bonus amount or use them for trading only after completing 40% Standard lots of the credit amount taken. Before that, he can only use them for increasing margins.
  • If client did not complete 40% Standard lots within four months than he will lose all of the credit.
  • The offer is limited to one per household and one per person, even if they have multiple accounts.
  • This trading credit bonus cannot be transferred between trading accounts within CF Merchants.
  • Trading account of a client will not be credited with the bonus if that account is already subject to another promotion.
  • The bonus promotion will be applied only once. It cannot exceed $5000 to on client in all of his trading accounts.
  • This Bonus is not withdrawable, nontransferable to any of client’s other trading account or any other client’s account.
  • The bonus will be valid for four calendar months from the time that the bonus has been credited to the account. The bonus will only be used as a margin of trading and not losable.
  • The client can submit a bonus request at no later than 5 business days after the initial deposit. Requests submitted outside of this time limit will not be processed.
  • If an eligible client withdraws funds from his/her account during the promotional period, the account will be disqualified from the offer and the credit bonus will be withdrawn from the account.
  • If the client withdraw any amount from the account, than the whole bonus will also be deducted from the account.
  • CF Merchants is not responsible for informing the client when the bonus is removed from the account.
  • If CF Merchants detects that the client has abused the terms of this promotion by hedging his positions internally or externally, CFM reserves the right to withdraw the trading credit bonus or terminate the client access to the services provided by CF Merchants. Abusement includes hedging, scalping any kind of breach on the system.
  • CF Merchants reserves the right to close, modify or change any of the terms and conditions of this trading credit bonus promotion without client’s consent.

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