CloseOption Offer 33% Spring Bonus


CloseOption is pleased to offer a 33% Spring Bonus on each deposit you make & it can be accrued on new and old accounts. CloseOption is simple to use and offers a secure and trusted trading environment.

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Closeoption Spring Bonus Terms & Conditions

  • Start Date –Β Sep 22, 2020 23:28:00
  • Expiration – DateΒ Jan 22, 2021 23:28:00
  • When you make a deposit, you get 33% of your deposit amount.
  • The bonus credit can be withdrawn only upon successful completion of the trading transaction volume.
  • Trading on the bonus balance is similar to real trading. However, it starts when your real balance becomes zero.
  • You can receive this bonus on each and every deposit you make, there is no limit for the number of deposits until the status is Active.
  • When you deposit and choose to receive the bonus, there is no restriction upon withdrawing your original money and you are able to withdraw all your money at any time. It means that there is no limit for making withdrawals or deposits. But the conditions for receiving the bonus depend on deposits, withdrawals, and your trading volume.
  • Before releasing the bonus, in case you withdraw an amount, your bonus balance will be decreased proportionately. For example, if you deposit $100 and get $33, before releasing this $33, if you want to withdraw $10 out of $100, $3.3 will be deducted from your bonus balance. Therefore, until releasing the bonus, avoid making withdrawals in order to get the entire bonus.
  • The bonus period lasts for 30 days from the point you activate it (determined on the Promotion page). Once the 30 days are up and your trading volume have not reached the required amount, the bonus will be removed automatically. However, if you deposit again, the time duration for releasing another bonus will be reset.
  • When the conditions for releasing the bonus are met, all bonus credit goes to your real balance to trade with or withdraw it unconditionally and at any time.
  • It was mentioned that to release the bonus you need a determined trading volume. If you lose your initial money and the conditions are not met, you are able to trade on your bonus balance and make it to real money. Therefore, all the Bonus and Real orders are counted.
  • CloseOption reserves the rights to penalize offenders.

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