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FortFs Signal King contest $350 Prize

FortFs amazing Signal King contest for the Forex analytics experts. if you are a good Forex analytics expert the this contest is for you to win a prize of $350 or opportunity to work at FortFs.

Link – Signal King contest

Link – $35 Welcome Bonus

Link – 100% MegaProtect Bonus

From October 07 to October 11, 2019, we are giving away a prize fund of 350 USD to the best analysts.
The main prize – 200 USD, as well as employment in FortFS.

In total there will be 3 winners who will receive :

  • 200 USDΒ for I place
  • 100 USDΒ for II place
  • 50 USDΒ for III place

Conditions :

  1. The contest is held from October 07 to October 11, 2019
  2. The prize fund is equal to 350 USD only if the number of participants is 11 or more people. If the number of participants is 10 or less, the prize fund is 200 USD
  3. The participant must be a member of the officialΒ FortFS chat in Telegram
  4. Each participant must publish 3 reviews from 07 October to 11 October
  5. Each review should contain the following trading signals:
    • Currency pairs (at your choice of CAD, JPY, AUD, NZD)
    • Precious metal (at your choice of XAU, XAG)
    • Energy (at your choice of #BRENT, #WTI)

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