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FreshForex 50% Stop-out Insurance

With Stop-out insurance you don’t have to worry about bad trading decisions anymore: in case of losses FreshForex will return 50% insured funds. This financial cushion gives you a chance to continue trading and recoup lost money.

Web Link – Stop-out Insurance

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Detailed terms of the promotion

  1. The promotion is valid from 11 March 2019 to 12 May 2019.
  2. The promotion can be enabled for Classic MT4, Classic MT5 and Market Pro MT4 accounts that are not connected to any other promotions.
  3. Insurance event occurs when position(s) is closed by stop-out and there’s no more open positions on trading account.
  4. Insurance payout is credited to the β€œCredit” field, these funds can be fully used for trading but are not available for withdrawal and transfer to another account. Only one active insurance payout may be on trading account at a time.
  5. Insurance payout is 50% of balance operations on trading account (deposit minus withdrawal) in period between the last insurance payout (or for the moment of promotion activation) and the occurrence of insurance event (stop-out).
    1. Minimum amount of balance operations to get insurance payout β€” 500 USD / 500 EUR / 35’000 RUB.

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