InstaForex Great Race $55,000 Contest

InstaForex Great Race is one of the most popular contests among demo-accounts! It includes four stages and the final with the prize pool $55,000.ย Hurry up to register and become a contender to own the main money prize. Great Race is an opportunity to check your knowledge in Forex trading and a chance to win real funds to your trading account.

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General Provisions

    • 1. Great Race contest is arranged by InstaForex.
    • 2. The contest includes 4 steps and the final.
    • 3. Contest running period:
      • โ€“ 19.03.18 โ€“ 20.04.18;
      • โ€“ 21.05.18 โ€“ 22.06.18;
      • โ€“ 23.07.18 โ€“ 24.08.18;
      • โ€“ 24.09.18 โ€“ 26.10.18.
    • 4. Registration period for four contest steps:
      • โ€“ 22.01.18 โ€“ 18.03.18;
      • โ€“ 19.03.18 โ€“ 20.05.18;
      • โ€“ 21.05.18 โ€“ 22.07.18;
      • โ€“ 23.07.18 โ€“ 23.09.18.
    • 5. Contest final: 19.11.18 โ€“ 21.12.18.
    • 6. Registration in the final starts on 24.09.18 at 00:00 and finishes on 18.11.18 one hour before the contest starts.
    • 7. Prize pool of the contest is $55,000.

Terms And Conditions

1.ย Every InstaForex client can participate in all steps of the contest.

2.ย Only full-aged customers (over 18 years old) may participate in the contest.

3.ย Every contest participant shall register on InstaForex website.

4.ย Participant agrees to provide true data, full name identical to one specified in the ID document and available contact email.

5.ย In case trading on two or more accounts is conducted from the same IP, the Contest Administration reserves the right to dismiss their owner(-s) . Thus, we strongly recommend not to employ GPRS- and 3G- modems.

6.ย The organizer reserves the right to decline registration of any participant without explaining the reason or disqualify any participant during or after the contest is over with explanation. The reason for disqualifying can be opening of big volume opposite orders with the same currency pairs on different trading accounts at the same time approximately, as well as usage of errors in the quote flow for getting a guaranteed profit.

7.ย Signing up for the contest the participant accepts all restrictions and rules of the contest.

8.ย Participation of close relatives in the same contest is forbidden. If the registration data of the contestantโ€™s account coincides with the one of another contestant, the company has a right to regard this matching as a reason for disqualification

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