Join FBS CopyStar and Win Amazing Prizes

FBS CopyStar

FBS CopyTrade team is happy to announce the beginning of the FBS CopyStar contest. Join the contest and win MacBook Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone 11 Pro and get a PRO status, which allows setting a commission they see fit. Apple Watch 6 and PRO status. One trader can win both the main and the special prize.

Web Link – FBS CopyStar Contest and Win Prizes

Web Link – FBS 100 USD Bonus To Trade

FBS CopyStar Contest Terms & Conditions

To take part in FBS CopyStar, the traders must go to the Personal Area, open the FBS CopyStar promo page and choose an account you share toΒ FBS CopyTradeΒ and click Use it. If the traders don’t have an account in FBS or they don’t share to FBS CopyTrade App, they are able to register and do the sharing throughout the contest. Then they can fulfill the conditions and become the participants.

  • Both traders who joined FBS before the contest or during the contest can participate.
  • For existing traders to join, share your account to FBS CopyTrade and invite potential investors to download the app and copy your orders. Register to participate in the contest via your personal area.
  • For new traders to join, register with FBS, go to your personal area, and create the trading account (Standard or Micro one). Share the account to FBS CopyTrade App and register for the contest via your personal area.
  • To be rated in the contest, you must complete the verification.
  • Once you are rated in a contest, get the largest amount of the investors’ funds to get prizes. The prize depends on the place you won:
  • 1st place: MacBook Pro + PRO status + access to setting the commission yourself
  • 2nd place: iPhone 11 Pro Max + PRO status + access to setting the commission yourself
  • 3rd place: iPhone 11 Pro + PRO status + access to setting the commission yourself
  • Alternatively, the lucky trader, who got the biggest number of copiers, gets the special prize. The prize is:
  • Apple Watch 6 + PRO status + access to setting the commission yourself
  • If the trader gets one of the three winning places by the amount of investors’ funds, he can also get the special prize at the same time, if both the conditions for the main and special prizes are met.
    We’ll announce the winners on December 1, 2020. If you are a winner, we’ll contact you directly within 2-3 workdays.
  • We consider only active investments that exist for 24 or more hours and are made after you joined the contest.


  • FBS CopyTrade counts only the investments that are made or increased during the FBS CopyStar contest. If it is increased, only the increased sum is counted.
  • Mind your PRO status if you already have it. Only PRO investors can copy PRO traders.
  • If disqualified, you cannot participate once again.

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