NEAT Forex 100% Tradeable Bonus

Neat Forex is a leading online broker offering trading in Forex , CFD & Crypto with 100% tradable &Withdrable bonus to boost your trading.

Web Link – 100% Tradeable Bonus

  • The customer has the right to get the bonus only once and for one account only.
  • First deposit only will be considered for Welcome Bonus.
  • If the customer has several accounts, the bonus can be obtained for one account only.
  • This bonus program has been developed for Micro & Mini account types only.
  • If you have stopped out of your trading account and you just have Bonus equity in your trading account, you cannot open a fresh trade.
  • From one IP address one can obtain only one bonus. If the bonus is credited to two (or more) accounts opened from one IP, the bonus amount will be written off from all accounts except the account for which the bonus was first requested.
  • An internal transfer between accounts is not considered to be a deposit, which means you cannot claim a bonus for a deposit made via internal transfer.
  • To keep the bonus, all initial funds should remain in the account until the necessary number of lots is closed. You can withdraw profits but on withdrawal of the profits the bonus amount will be removed from the trading account.
  • Lots in transactions that have no profit/loss are not counted.
  • In order to withdraw or transfer to another account the amount of the initial deposit and the bonus added to it, the client must make (trade) transactions in the volume calculated by the formula: Number of lots = bonus amount / 3.Example: The bonus amount is $ 100.
    Thus, the number of traded lots is $ 100/2 = 50.
    When calculating the traded lots, transactions on unclosed positions are not considered.

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