WCX $30 Bitcoin (BTC) Welcome Bonus

WCX is the one trading platform to trade cryptocurrency, stocks, and forex using Bitcoin (BTC). Create news live Trading Account without minimum deposit get 30 USD Dollar Welcome Bonus Promotion Bitcoin (BTC).

Web Link – $30 Bitcoin Welcome Bonus

  • WCX is the #1 platform to trade cryptos, stocks, and forex using bitcoin.
  • Deposit, Transfer Bitcoin (BTC) funds from anywhere to get start Trading.
  • Trade, Go long or short to trading profit from rising or falling prices.
  • Earn, Trade Profits and Trade losses are paid out directly to you in Bitcoin (BTC).
  • No fees on trades, deposits, or withdrawals. Your cost is the spread.
  • Multiply your buying power with leverage, adjustable on every trade.
  • Set take profit and stop loss orders that work just like you expect.

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