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WelTrade Gives iPhone XS Max For Free

Join WELTRADE and get iPhone XS Max for free.

Web Link – Get an iPhone XS Max For Free

Link – 100% Deposit Bonus

  • All clients, old and new, can take part in the promotion.
  • To get the prize the Client needs to have net deposit of $5 000 and complete a trading volume of 250 lots from the start of the promotion. 1 lot on Micro account equals 0.01 standard lot. Net deposit is calculated as difference between total withdrawal and total deposit for the Client’s profile.
  • Complete trading volume of 250 lots
  • When the promotion requirements are fulfilled, the client should send a request for a gift toΒ info@weltrade.comΒ or contact customer support via LiveChat.
  • The promotion starts from 10.07.2019.
  • Take part now.

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